Dry Disconnect Hose Couplings

Quick Coupling Release Prevents Media Loss  Environmental Protection  Prevents Contamination


Dry Disconnect Hose Coupling Stainless Steel Hose and Tank Unit


Designed for quick and safe connection and disconnection of hoses…

Dry disconnect couplings are always used in situations where people and/or the environment must be protected against leaks of hazardous media (caustic, toxic, explosive, etc). They are designed to facilitate quick coupling and decoupling of filled hose and pipe lines under operating pressure without significant leaks or loss of media.

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Key Benefits

  • Quick coupling without significant media loss
  • Protection of humans and the environment
  • Protection of the media against contamination
  • Availability of suitable couplings for a variety of industries and media.
  • Customer-specific solutions from DN 25 to DN 150