Mining Haul Truck

Vantages’ specialist range of mining industry hose and fittings are unsurpassed within the industry and are proven to endure the harshest of conditions accustomed to mine sites in Australia and overseas. Whether it be hydraulic hoses, fittings & accessories, or our trusted range of drilling hoses for exploration operations, Vantage can help bring innovation and quality to your mining operations whilst reducing inventory expenses.

Oil & Gas

Offshore Oil Rig

Vantage is the trusted source when it comes to fluid transfer in the Oil & Gas industry. Where on-site safety is paramount, Vantage products come to the fore. Years of innovation and design have culminated in the highest quality products that always meet or exceed industry standards. From Upstream (onshore, offshore, coal seam gas, shale gas), to Midstream (pipelines, terminals, LNG) and Downstream (refining, processing, transportation, storage), we support our client’s requirements no matter what the application.

Transport & Fuels

Vantage Supply Group Transport & Fuels Suction Hose and Hydraulics

Our expansive range of products for the Transportation industry are engineered to suit almost any application when it comes to liquid tankers, medium & heavy duty trucks, buses, and chassis. Vantage offer hydraulic hoses and tubing, along with petrol/oil transfer solutions that come in a range of sizes & varying operating temperatures.


Defence Force Helicopter

Whether it be in the air, on the ground, or underwater, the need for reliability and high performance when it comes to the defence force is critical. Vantage is a trusted source for many defence applications through our comprehensive range of products that deliver the highest quality and safety standards.


Navy Vessel Docked

Our support to the marine industry stems from a strong understanding of the innovative solutions and products necessary for all marine applications. Vantage products offer rugged durability that can withstand the toughest environments to suit marine and off-shore projects. We understand the need for efficiency and performance in the marine environment and Vantage are proud to be a name you can trust when it comes to constructing and servicing vessels used in the marine industry.


Steel Piping Leading to Oil Refinery

From high-pressure hoses, to hydraulic fittings and high temperature hoses, Vantage products meet the demanding applications of industrial operations and are built to stand up to the harshest of environments no matter what the application. Vantage products are manufactured to strict international specifications and perform at optimal levels to reduce downtime and improve efficiencies in any industrial setting.


Grain being transported into a trailer attached to a tractor

The agricultural market has formed the foundation of the Vantage offering ever since our inception, our full complement of agricultural products offers an unrivalled level of quality built to withstand the harshest of Australian conditions. Vantage’s comprehensive agricultural range includes everything from PVC & rubber Air Seeder hose, hydraulic hose & fittings, opaque air seeder, bin transfer hose, thermoplastic hoses, and clamping solutions. All of our hoses are ozone, abrasion and heat resistant. From seeder bars to harvesters, Vantage can provide products for any type of farming equipment and machinery and are guaranteed to outperform and outlast the opposition.

 Food and Beverage

Grapes ready for harvesting on a vineyard

Our range of rubber and PVC hose developed specifically for the food and beverage industry conform to all food grade standards and are ideal for use in wine making, breweries & food manufacturing plants. Vantage also have access to a range of sanitary couplings and stainless steel clamps and clips to suit various food and beverage applications. Enquire with us today to find out why Vantage products are the preferred choice for leading food and beverage companies.

Waste Management

Dumptruck disposing of rubbish at a tip

Waste collection, recycling and resource recovery are integral services to the community and can often present many different challenges. Vantage offers total Waste Management solutions to its clients, whether it be PVC Grey suction for water-based media or heavy-duty blue nitrile suction hose for chemical and slurry applications, Vantage have purpose-built products available to service the Waste Management market.


Dewatering suction hose in service

Vantage have a variety of layflat dewatering hoses available to suit the harshest of Australian conditions. Our products are all ozone, abrasion and heat resistant so you can be assured of their durability and reliability. Our versatility matches that of the dewatering market and allows us to offer products for any type of dewatering application including; construction, mining & industrial.

Fire Services

Fireman using a fire hose to put out a bush fire

Vantage have worked closely with metropolitan and regional fire services in order to supply the precise fire hose in any particular application. Our staff have the expertise and knowledge necessary to determine what hoses to use to meet suction and pressure requirements within the emergency and fire services. Hose-types will vary depending on whether they are for domestic and/or farm protection, or for heavier duty use in industrial and commercial sectors. Enquire with us today to find out Vantage can help you tackle your fire-protection needs.